In we have available different types of rolling papers of the brand OCB: the Premium range, the hemp bio range and X-Pert range.

OCB rolling paper comparison

OCB rolling paper comparison

Range OCB hemp BIO

It is a paper of pure organic hemp, unbleached and 100% natural rubber. The package is made from recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. It is ideal for those seeking an experience 100% natural. We have a 1¼ booklet containing 50 sheets of 77 x 44 mm.

Range OCB Premium

It is the classic OCB. Very thin and with a slow combustion. The rubber is 100% natural. We have regular size (containing 50 sheets of 70 x 36 mm), the King Size Slim (contains 32 sheets of 109 x 44 mm) and the roll to cut it to the size you want (44 mm high and 4 meters long).

Range OCB X-Pert

Of the range OCB X-Pert we have blue booklet and silver booklet. These papers are ultra-thin and ultra-transparent ideal for the expert rollers. The blue booklet is regular size and contains 50 sheets (69 x 36 mm) and silver booklet contains 50 sheets of 1 ¼ size (77 x 44 mm).

Still not clear on which one is yours? Ask us all the questions you want, we will answer you delighted.

And if you already have it clear, don’t miss out and buy your papers in boxes, you´ll save money and you´ll have provisions for the season.

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