Comparison table: Rizla

Comparison table: Rizla

In we have available 5 varieties of Rizla: Blue, green, red, silver and liquorice. Which one should choose and why not the other? Want to know how are they different? Don’t worry we are going to explain it to you.


Most Rizla cigarette paper booklets contain 50 sheets. However, some of them like Rizla Silver King Size Slim contains 32 sheets.

Thickness / Combustion

The thickness and combustion are two features that go hand in hand, for thicker paper you will have a faster combustion (and a less intense smoke) and a thinner one will have a slower burning (and a more intense smoke).

For first timers or rolling machines a medium or regular thickness is recommended. Rizla green has the tips rounded to make it easier for rolling machines.

The rolling experts can choose from the range of fine and ultrafine thicknesses to give them an advanced level smoking experience.


Rizla rolling paper sizes

Rizla rolling paper sizes

For those seeking short and thin, long and wide or even XXL cigarettes, different paper sizes were invented. We have all the different sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

In addition, the Rizla papers are manufactured using plant fibers under the rules of sustainability of FSC and natural arabic gum.

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