Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous characters of literature and without doubt the most famous and unique detective. This character has been played by different actors, it has been made into a comic book and a cartoon series, as well as thousands of illustrations and representations of the character. However, there are elements that help us recognize him on any occasion: his coat, his hunter’s hat and his pipe.

Statue of Sherlock Holmes in Edinburgh

Statue of Sherlock Holmes in Edinburgh

The Pipe of Sherlock Holmes

The favourite pipe of detective Holmes was curved and with a rather wide bowl. The first actor who played the character in theaters was William Gillette used this type of pipe. However, now the actor Robert Downey Jr. who has recently given life in film uses a straight pipe with rather small bowl.

Historic context

In the 19th Century when the character was created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the habit of smoking a tobacco pipe was already quite strong among the upper classes of society, the intellectuals and the bourgeoisie. Decades later consumption of tobacco in all its forms became popular thanks to industrial production, but in those years it was considered a sign of distinction. The author himself was also a pipe smoker.

At this time renown international manufacturers started to appear in the UK such as Peterson, Dunhill’s, Comoy’s or Duncan. Some of them retain their handmade production to almost 100%.

Although some consider them objects of past and old fashioned, this way of smoking has been gaining popularity in recent times.

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