Semiautomatic rolling machine

Semiautomatic rolling machine

There are different types of rolling machines on the market. One of the most used for its convenience and the ability to save tabacco, papers and filters, is the semi-automatic rolling machine.

How to roll a cigarette in two steps

To roll a cigarette with a semiautomatic machine is very simple. Perhaps at the beginning it will cost you to find the perfect technique, but with a little practice you will find it much easier than it looks.

Step 1

Step 1: Put the tobacco, filter and rolling paper

Step 1: Put the tobacco, filter and rolling paper

Open the machine, place a bit of tabacco in the cloth bag and a filter. Depending on the thickness of the cigarette filter, you’ll have to buy a paper size suitable for your machine. Place the paper behind the tabacco and the filter with the adhesive facing you, tuck it down a little and wet the sticky part of the paper.

Step 2

Step 2: Close the box

Step 2: Close the box

Shut the machine carefully. The cloth bag will go rolling as it shuts within it the tabacco, paper and the filter will rotate until the end where yuo should have a perfect cigarette which comes out of the top department of the machine.

Piece of cake!

Tip: Do not put too much tabacco or the cigarette will be very pressed and hard to smoke. Try various amounts until you find the perfect amount for you.

If you are already decided and want to buy your machine, paper and filters, we have everything you need for your rolling kit.

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