Rolling tobacco

Rolling tobacco

Rolling tobacco has multiple advantages over pre-rolled cigarettes: It’s cheaper, the flavours are more intense… However, one of the most common complaints of “rollers” is that the tobacco dries quickly (some brands more easily than others). So, how can you keep your tobacco fresh?

On the Internet you can find thousands of home remedies. Be careful. Many of them are not as effective or healthy as they seem. In our post today we present a very affordable and effective way to solve the problem of keeping your tobacco moist: a humidifier stone.

These stones are made of a material similar to clay, they work as follows: first, you need to wet the stone by immersing in water for a few minutes; the following is to drain well (it shouldn’t be dripping wet or wet when touching, it has to be completely dry); Finally you have to put it in the container which conserves your tobacco (preferably an airtight bag). This way the stone will progressively give off moisture. When it is dry, just repeat the process as many times as you need to refresh your tobacco.

In you have a perfect pack for all those “rollers” a Rocket booklet containing a rolling papers booklet (70mm), a ziplock bag with 120 6mm fine filters and humidifier stone. All for € 1.20.

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