The making of a cigar is called “torcido”(twisting) and persons responsible for this task are known as “torcedores”(twisters). The “torcedores” with the most experience and skill go to become Masters “Torcedores”.

Man preparing cuban cigars

Man preparing cuban cigars

There are now a part of the production of cigars manufactured and massively mechanized. There are times that only a part of the manufacturing process is machined. However, in this post we will be explaining how a cigar is made manually.

You might welcome to read our post on “Parts of a cigar” to become familiar with the terms we use.

What is needed?

To make a cigar all you need is a wooden table, a oval blade (called a chaveta), vegtable adhesive (obtained from a plant called tragacanth), a guillotine and a stock.

In addition you also need the talent and experience of a good cigar roller.

Step by Step

The first thing is to select the leaves that are going to make up the cigar. Depending on the combination of these leaves, each cigar has a characteristic flavor and aroma. In our post “How to taste a cigar?” You can see the types of leaves and the effect they have on the cigar.

The “torcedor” places folded leaves in a specific way in their hand until you have enough for the type of cigar or size that is going to be manufactured. These leaves are the filler of the cigar. Once there is enough, the binder is wound around the filler pressing well with their fingers so that is has the correct thickness and uniform. The tuck is cut and the cap is rounded.

The last step is to wrap the cigar with the wrapper. This is slightly moistened leaf which can be wound more easily. It is wrapped carefully so that there are no wrinkles and has a silky touch. The final details are also retouched so that the form of the cigar is adequate. Then it is cut to the length and measured with the stocks to classify according to the thickness.

If you want to see how it’s done in practice do not miss this video:

We have no doubt, “twisting” cigars is an art!

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