Today vaporize is almost as common as traditional tobacco. Many people have switched to electronic cigarettes and are going the usual way. But do we really know the world of vaping? Today we are going to know two of the best-selling brands: Juul and MyBlu.

A few months ago we were talking about the expected arrival of Juul in Spain. Today it is already a consolidated brand in this country and one of the best known worldwide. These electronic cigarettes created in Silicon Valley have become a fashion in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom and Spain thanks to its innovative design and elegant appearance. However, the MyBlu brand is no less well known and also has followers all over the world. Its curious pen-like design, ease of use and variety of flavors are the most eye-catching features for consumers of this electronic cigarette.


As for flavours, although it is true that Juul has increased its offer in recent years with flavours such as Classic Tobacco, Mango or Mint, it is MyBlu who offers a greater variety of pods for vaporize, with flavours such as Eucalyptus Lemon, Blueberry or Ginseng. This is one of the characteristics that customers tend to focus on. However, consumers of Juul have the option of trying several different flavors by buying the pack of 4 Juulpods, while in the packs of MyBlu pods we find only one flavor.


MyBlu vape pen flavours

MyBlu flavours – Source:



When it comes to charging the devices, both are charged via USB. The MyBlu device takes about 20 minutes to charge and the battery life is about one day. On the other hand, the Juul device has a similar charging time and the battery life is almost as long as a Juulpod.


Another key to these electronic cigarettes is the amount of nicotine in the pods. In the case of the Juulpods, the percentage of nicotine is 1.7%, however if we are MyBlu consumers we can choose between pods with different amounts of nicotine. This allows us to progressively reduce the amount of nicotine, starting with 1.6%, going to the pods of 0.8% and ending with 0% of nicotine.


Another feature that Juul and MyBlu consumers like best is that it’s very easy to use, both for people who vaporize regularly and for people who are just getting started in the world of vaping. This is because they are quite simple and without buttons, you just have to introduce the pod into your vape pen and start vaporizing.


Juul device and pods

Juul device – Source:


Finally, one thing that both devices agree on is that in any of our tobacconists you can find both Starter Kits and liquids of different flavors. Here you can see how to get there.

And you, which one do you like the most? Leave us in the comments your experience with MyBlu and Juul.

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