Today we are going to talk about the different types of rolling paper for smoking tobacco that exist and some of the favorite brands of consumers. First of all, we want to make it clear that there is no one perfect or suitable type of paper, but that each type is adapted to individual preferences and needs, whether by the thickness of the paper, the material or the taste.

Two of the brands that offer us the most variety of papers are OCB, created in France and with a history of more than 100 years, and Rizla, also French and with a long trajectory in the rolling paper market. Next, we will talk about the different product ranges that these two companies have.


Rollin papers


Types of OCB paper

– Premium range: If you like very thin and long papers, the OCB Premium Slim model is the right one. Each booklet contains 32 papers of 44 x 109 mm. It burns fast and is economical. Ideal for everyday use.

– Organic Hemp Range: This range offers us a paper made with pure organic hemp, without bleaching or refining. This type of paper reduces pollution and allows us to smoke in a more ecological way and with natural products. Even the packaging is made of recycled cardboard and printed with vegetable inks.

– X-Pert Range: If you are an expert in the art of rolling cigarettes, this is your range. Each pack contains 60 papers of 36 x 69 mm. This slow burning paper contains gum arabic for a solid closure and a sticker on the back of the booklet that will allow you to stick it to your cigarette packet.


Types of Rizla paper

– Natura Range: Rizla’s Natura Range papers have a grammage of 13.5g, measure 70 x 36 mm and each booklet contains 50 papers. These ultra-thin papers are created with organic and natural materials, offering a slow and smooth combustion thanks to their low porosity.

– Micron Range: This range is designed for expert rollers. The Micron papers have a weight of 12.5g, measure 70 x 36 mm. and each booklet contains 50 papers. Their combustion is very slow and their smoking is intense.

– Liquorice range: For lovers of flavoured cigarettes. These papers are somewhat thicker than the previous ones, 26.5g. and measure 70 x 36 mm. In each booklet we will find 50 sheets.

These are just some of the types of cigarette paper offered by these brands and that you can buy at our tobacconists in Benidorm. Here’s how to get to our shops from the centre of Benidorm and from the busiest areas. If you prefer you can also buy OCB papers online and buy Rizla papers online.

Before you go, tell us what your favorite brand of rolling paper is! Do you prefer OCB, Rizla or other brands?

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