For several years now the shisha has become a common element in bars and places of leisure in Spain, where the fashion of smoking cachimba tobacco is reflected both in the terraces of the local leisure as in the sales data of major brands. Today we will tell you which shisha tobacco brands are most in demand in Spain.

First of all, the famous Al-Fakher, born in the United Arab Emirates and with a trajectory of 20 years, has become the brand that has sold more kilos in 2017 and 2018, with quantities close to 180,000 kg. This brand offers us several ranges of tobacco for shisha, among which we find the Gold Range or the Standard Range, with flavours as surprising and original as Cappuccino or Energy Drink.


Al-Fakher flavours

Al-Fakher Capuccino and Energy Drink flavours. Source:


On the other hand, it is worth mentioning one of the strongest brands that has entered the shisha market in recent years, Taboo. This Premium Tobacco brand of hookah, born in 2016 would become in just one year the second brand that sold more kilos in Spain and almost doubling the amount sold in 2018, with a total of 121,011 kg. This good reception on the part of the public is largely due to the variety offered by Taboo in its range of premium tobacco, in which we find such innovative flavours as Golden Eye, frozen apple or Hakuna Matata, banana and caramel.


Golden Eye flavour

Golden Eye flavour of Taboo


Finally, other of the most successful cases of waterpipe tobacco brands that have grown the most in recent years are Adalya, which according to data from the Tobacco Market Commission was positioned as the best-selling brand in Spain to date (31-07-2019). On the other hand, the young brand Chaos, in its first year of life has managed to enter the TOP 20 of the best-selling brands in Spain, accumulating more than 5000 kg sold until July 2019, according to data from the Commissioner for the Tobacco Market. In one of our previous posts we told you about our personal experience with this brand and its peculiar flavours.


Shisha tobacco WTF flavour of Chaos

WTF flavour of Chaos


All these brands and many more will meet on 20, 21 and 22 September in Dortmund, at the major world fairs InterTabac and InterSupply, to which we traveled last year. Thousands of professionals from the sector from all over the world will gather there and they will bring us, for sure, many novelties that we are looking forward to knowing and of course sharing with you.

And you, do you smoke shisha tobacco? Tell us which combination of flavours you like best and which is your favourite brand.

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