For some years now we have been seeing an evolution in the way of smoking. From the traditional cigarettes we see that there are more and more habitual or occasional smokers of other modalities. Today we are going to make a review.
Rolling tobacco

Rolling tobacco

During the years of crisis and with the rise in the price of tobacco, many smokers switched to rolling tobacco. The main reason? It is cheaper than cigarettes. But many smokers who tried rolling tobacco have decided to stay since they have discovered a range of products more aromatic, wetter and more long-lasting than conventional cigarettes.

Nowadays it does not seem strange to see people rolling their cigarettes. In addition, the variety of filters, paper and rolling techniques are combined with the variety of existing rolling tobacco, which allows the cigarette to be completely at the consumer’s discretion.

Pipe smoking

Smoking in a pipe

With the fashion trend in recent years to recover the origins, the use of smoking pipes has also recovered, to some extent. In addition to traditional pipes, modern pipes and novel materials have arrived on the market. In addition, many smokers have discovered new aromas and flavors in pipe tobacco.

It is not so common to see it on the street because it is a slightly more elaborate method: you have to carry your pipe and tobacco, you have to charge it, light it, smoke it and clean it. But it has stopped being a product with a very small audience and begins to have its followers.
Shisha smoking

The world of shishas

Smoking in shisha is becoming a social habit. There are already many bars, restaurants and nightclubs where they have shishas available for customers and they prepare them to be smoked with a variety of flavors.

What people like the most about this type of smoke is that it is shared. It is usually shared in groups in relaxed environments. Secondly, the wide range of tobacco brands and flavors available means that even non-smokers are encouraged to try and enjoy a shisha among friends.
Smoking e-cig

Electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette arrived more than a decade ago, but it seems that it is now when it is becoming a more habitual product. On the one hand, there are the most experienced vapers looking for electronic cigarettes to have an experience with a lot of steam and a huge range of flavors. Have you ever seen the acrobatics that some vapers do with the vapor of their cigarettes? Take a look at this video:

On the other hand there is a part of the consumers of electronic cigarette that use it as a conventional tobacco substitute. You can smoke indoors, have a wide range of flavors and there are different amounts of nicotine. It is common among people who want to quit smoking and, thanks to the electronic cigarette, they manage to reduce the amount of nicotine until they reach the non-nicotine versions.
IQOS Phillip Morris

Devices for heating tobacco

Between 2014 and 2016, Phillip Morris launched a new device for smoking: the IQOS. This system was a revolution because even though it uses conventional tobacco, it does not burn it, it heats it. This produces a vapor that is inhaled with a flavor and aroma very similar to conventional tobacco, but without producing just smoke, ash and no odor.

Since its launch, improved versions and more varieties of tobacco have appeared. This product is linked to the company’s research project to achieve a smoke-free future, with products that are less harmful to smokers and, above all, to passive smokers and society in general.


Do you know any other new way to smoke? Tell us about it!

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