The heated tobacco seems to gradually gain more followers. And it is not surprising because the benefits are important: experience very similar to smoking traditional tobacco, wide range of flavors, minimal smoke and smell, no ash … In our post today we tell you all the secrets of one of these heated tobacco devices: the Glo Hyper.

New heated tobacco devide Glo Hyper

New heated tobacco devide Glo Hyper


All-in-one design

The Glo Hyper has a compact design with a sliding window to insert the NEO Stick. What is the NEO Stick? They are cigarettes specially designed for this device. This device is available in 4 different colors (orange, blue, white and black) and its price is 20 Euros.

It comes with a USD plug charger and cleaning device.


Two experiences: intense and normal

One of the novelties that this device incorporates is the possibility of choosing the intensity between normal and intense. The normal way takes 20 seconds to heat up and lasts 4 minutes. The intense form heats up in 15 seconds and lasts for 3 minutes. To select the normal experience you have to press the button for 3 seconds and a vibration will warn us that the device is ready to use. For the intense experience we have to wait 5 seconds, with the second vibration we will have our intense experience prepared.


NEO Sticks Flavor Range for Glo Hyper

NEO Sticks’ range of flavors is currently made up of 4 varieties. One would be the equivalent to traditional tobacco (Classic Tobacco) and the other three are the heated tobacco version of the old Lucky Click. Blue click is a mild minty tobacco with a crush ball that gives off an even more intense minty aroma. Arctic Click is menthol tobacco with a crush ball with a red fruit aroma and Yellow Click is menthol with a lemon-flavored crush ball.

Each pack contains 20 Sticks and costs 4 Euros.


Battery: duration and charge of the Glo Hyper

The battery is built into the device and is charged via USB. The full charge time is 2 hours, the LED indicators will inform you of the charge status. The good news is that each charge lasts up to 20 uses, which would be the equivalent of a pack of NEO Sticks. Thus, for most users, one charge per day or even less is enough.


If you want to switch to heated tobacco with Glo Hyper, come and see us at any of our two tobacconists and we will advise you so that your purchase is 100% satisfactory.

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