Do you want to give a spark of freshness to your tubing cigarettes? Have a look on the new tubes from Fresh Bomb.

Fresh Bomb tubes

Flavor tubes for tube tobacco

In recent weeks the new flavour tubes of the Fresh Bomb brand have revolutionized the world of tubing tobacco.

These tubes feature a crushball of different flavors. You can fill them with your favorite tobacco and you can smoke them without crushing the ball of flavors or crushing it to enjoy its fun flavours.

The available flavours are mint, peppermint, orange, and grape. They come in packs of 100 tubes and the price is € 2.70.

You can buy them in any of our tobacconists or you can place your order on our website and we will send your tubes to your home.

Try these tubes with your favorite tobacco. Remember that to tube your own cigarettes you can help yourself with a tube machine. The best option is to use expanded tobacco since the traditional rolling bite is more humid and is not suitable for this type of cigarette.

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