Did you smoke menthol tobacco and now you don’t know what to smoke? Since the sale of menthol tobacco was banned in Europe in May this year, many smokers have been left without their preferred tobacco option. But all is not lost, there are still alternatives to menthol tobacco so you can continue to enjoy the flavour you like the most.


Alternatives to menthol tobacco

Alternatives to menthol tobacco


Menthol tubes and filters (and other flavours)

One option for menthol tobacco smokers is to start “making” their own cigarettes. If you also want to switch to rolling tobacco, the option of menthol filters or other flavours such as vanilla, red berries and mint or mint and lemon may be perfect for you.

But if what you want is to continue smoking your usual brand, what you need are menthol tubes or crush ball tubes (there are crush balls of different menthol flavours, grape, orange,…), a tube machine and your favorite tobacco can or pouch.

In our stores you can find the option and the flavour that best suit your tastes.


Flavour Infuser Cards for Tobacco

In some cases the infuser cards are already sold together with the tobacco pack, such as Fortuna, Nobel or Richmond. But you can also buy the cards separately. The way to use it is very simple: put the card in your pack of cigarettes (or in the bag or can if you use rolling tobacco or of another type), leave it for at least an hour and the tobacco will be impregnated with a menthol aroma.

If you leave the card longer, the flavour will be more intense. You can even leave it in the package while it lasts.

Do you want to try them? Two flavours of the Rizla Infusion Flavor Cards are available: Menthol Chill and Fresh Mint.


Menthol capsules for normal tobacco

Another alternative to use with your normal cigarettes are menthol capsules. These capsules are sold together with a punch to place them inside the filter of any cigarette. This will turn your regular cigarette into a crush ball cigarette, allowing you to crush the flavour ball anytime you want.

We currently have minty flavour capsules available.


Heated tobacco devices

The disappearance of traditional menthol tobacco may be a good opportunity to switch to a heated tobacco device that, according to the companies that market them, reduce the risk of serious diseases compared to conventional tobacco.

Devices like IQOS or GLO heat tobacco instead of burning it to produce a sensation much like smoking, but with fewer contraindications. These devices work with special cigarettes for each device. In the case of IQOS they are called Heets and there are 6 different versions, two of them minty: Blue and Turquoise. In addition, it has other versions with cocoa, traditional, citrus and nuts flavours. In the case of GLO they are called NEO and there are 4 flavours available, one of them menthol: Blue Click. It also has a traditional version, and the famous double-click Lucky Strike flavour combinations: red berries and mint or lemon and mint.

Get your IQOS or GLO device and its recharges in our tobacconists and start trying this new experience.


Electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette is the most versatile option if you want variety and intensity of flavours. In addition, there are many options without nicotine, so there are those who use it to gradually reduce the dose of nicotine and thus “unhook”. The downside is that the vaping experience is totally different from smoking. There are those who prefer vaping, but if you are looking for the sensations that smoking traditional tobacco produces, it has nothing to do with it.

Still, more and more people are joining vaping either with pod devices like MyBlu or with refillable e-cigarettes with a myriad of available flavors.


As you can see, there are already several alternatives currently available on the market. You just must choose the one you like the most. Do you have any doubt? Contact us or come to see us at your nearest Eurotabaco store and we will help you to decide.

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