Lasioderma Serricorne

Today we are going to meet the biggest enemy of tobacco, the Lasioderma Serricorne. This beetle-looking insect can damage the stored tobacco, whether it is on a branch or if the product is already processed. These insects not only cause damage to tobacco, but can also damage food or plants. It has several stages of development: egg, larva, pupa and adult. Lasioderma females lay about 100 to 150 eggs from which theContinue reading

Tobacco barn

A few weeks ago we told you about the process of tobacco cultivation, which is prior to the drying stage. Today we explain how the leaves are dried. Why leave tobacco to dry? The drying process is essential because this way water is removed from the leaves so that they can be smoked, otherwise they would not light. Also during the drying process, the composition of the leaves changes and this chemicalContinue reading

Tobacco fields

The cultivation of tobacco is the first phase of the production process. It is an essential step because if the crop is not adequate, the tobacco will not have enough quality to become in to the products you can find in the tobacconists: rolling tobacco, cigarettes, cigars. Sowing and transplantation Tobacco cultivation begins with the planting of seeds. The seeds are placed in seedbeds where they grow about 8 weeks, reaching 15-20Continue reading

Box of cigarettes

In our previous posts we explained about on the main varieties of tobacco (Virginia, Burley and Oriental), we have already gave some information about the American Blend but in today’s post we will digging a little deeper into the most popular blend. What is American Blend? American Blend is the term used to designate a mixture of certain tobaccos, lets say its a recipe from which the best known of tobacco mixtureContinue reading

Cigarette case with cigarettes inside

The cigarette manufacturing process is fully automatic now days. In this post we will explaining the process from when the leaves go into the factory until the cigarettes come out ready for distribution. Processing tobacco The manufacturing process of cigarettes begins with the arrival of tobacco to the factory for processing. Each manufacturer chooses the preferred leaves and varieties for each mixture. American blend cigarettes are a mixture of Virginia, Burley andContinue reading

Oriental tobacco leaf

In previous posts we’ve already talked about two main types of tobacco: virginia and burley tobacco. This time we will be talking about a third variety of tobacco for production: Oriental tobacco. Oriental tobacco is a variety of smaller and very aromatic leaves. It is the third most-produced tobacco in the world and is also the third component of the “American Blend” (between 5 and 10% of the mixture is oriental tobacco). Its productionContinue reading

Burley tobacco - Drying process

Burley tobacco is the second most consumed after Virginia tobacco. Countries where it is grown are mainly USA, Brazil, Malawi and Argentina but it is also cultivated at a lesser extent in Mozambique, India and Italy. The Burley tobacco plant is not very high. At a time that the flower begins to bloom the stem is cut to prevent it to continue to grow any higher and to control the shoot growth.Continue reading

Tobacco fields

If you’ve ever wondered where tobacco comes from and how people began smoking, here’s a brief introduction of how it became a habit and spread all around the world. Discovery of America When the first settlers came to the New World, they found that the habitants of those lands gathered some dry leaves and rolled them to form a cylinder which they set a light on one end and on the otherContinue reading

Virginia tobacco leaves

The tobacco type Virginia is the most produced worldwide. The main producing countries are China, Brazil, India, United States, Argentina and Tanzania. The plant of the Virginia tobacco variety can measure up  1.80 m high and the different heights make every part of the plant possess different characteristics. The leaves of the base are larger so provide lots of tobacco, but have little flavor or taste. The leaves in the central partContinue reading

Tobacco plantation

When thinking about tobacco crop plantations we recall those American movies in black and white. However, there’s no need to cross the ocean or to look towards the Middle East to see tobacco plantations: Spain is the third European country in terms of tobacco cultivation (more than 34,000,000 kilos in 2013) as our climate and soil have proved adequate for this type of crop. Extremadura In the Nineteenth Century, Extremadura began toContinue reading

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