Different sizes of cigars

If you’ve ever browsed the cigar cellar of your tobacconist or have compared the names of the cigars, you will have seen that the names have something in common: robusto, churchill, corona, belicoso, torpedo. Do you know what these names mean? If you do not, don’t worry, we’ll tell you. The vitolas of a cigar Vitola word refers to two things in the world of cigars. Vitola de salida is the commercialContinue reading

Reader in a modern cigar factory

A few weeks ago we explained in a post on how cigars are made, it is a job that requires great experience and skill. Today we want to tell you a little more about one of the most important jobs of a cigar factory: “el lector”, the reader. History of the trade In Cuba there is the trade of tobacco readers. This trade was born in December 1865. At this time theContinue reading

Man preparing cuban cigars

The making of a cigar is called “torcido”(twisting) and persons responsible for this task are known as “torcedores”(twisters). The “torcedores” with the most experience and skill go to become Masters “Torcedores”. There are now a part of the production of cigars manufactured and massively mechanized. There are times that only a part of the manufacturing process is machined. However, in this post we will be explaining how a cigar is made manually.Continue reading

Box of cigars

Three are cigar smokers with a special hobby: collecting the bands or labels of cigars, the paper rings or any other material representing each manufacturer, a brand identity of each cigar. In Spanish, this band is called vitola. The term vitola also refers to the type of cigar by its length, thickness and shape. Churchill, Robust, Romeo or Corona are examples of vitolas or type of cigars. Tradition In the early 19thContinue reading

Different cigar cutters

There are many types of cigar cutters on the market and each smoker uses his favorite. There are even smokers who use a different cigar cutter depending on the cigar on which they are smoking. Desktop cutters It is a larger mechanism, being able to rely on a stable surface thus providing a cleaner cut. It has an opening in which the cigar is inserted and the guillotine mechanism cuts the cigar.Continue reading

Parts of a cigar

If you are entering the world of cigars, this post will be useful to begin to understand the terms of the parts of a cigar. Tuck: The “open” part of a cigar which you light to smoke. Head: If we hold the cigar with the head downwards, the head is the upper third. Caliber: Refers to the thickness of a cigar or the ring of the cigar. Barril: The barril itself isContinue reading

Box of cigars

In specialized magazines or in your own local tobacconist, you may find notes on cigar tasting. Want to know how to interpret them? Here are some clues. Format This usually indicates the length, diameter and weight, you may also see number of the ring size. This is a standard way to measure a cigar by its thickness, you may also see a band identified. The band is a name that is givenContinue reading

How to taste a cigar?

In the world of cigars as in many others, Cigar Tastings have become very fashionable and the taster has gained much importance. However, you dont need to be a Sommelier to taste and evaluate them according to your own criteria. We will give a basic understanding so you know what aspects you should contemplate in doing so. In this way you can evaluate the cigars that you try and have your ownContinue reading

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