New VYPE vaping device

Capsule vaping devices are becoming more popular for their ease of use. In our post today we want to introduce you to another of the vapers that are available on the market: the VYPE vaping device.   VYPE ePen 3 vape features The VYPE vape can be used with any VYPE brand pod refill. Its click-fit system prevents the pod from moving or slipping off accidentally. It contains a 650 mAh lithium-ionContinue reading

New heated tobacco devide Glo Hyper

The heated tobacco seems to gradually gain more followers. And it is not surprising because the benefits are important: experience very similar to smoking traditional tobacco, wide range of flavors, minimal smoke and smell, no ash … In our post today we tell you all the secrets of one of these heated tobacco devices: the Glo Hyper.   All-in-one design The Glo Hyper has a compact design with a sliding window toContinue reading

IQOS 3 DUO range

Heated tobacco devices are becoming more popular as there are those who prefer them over traditional tobacco for various reasons. Philip Morris was the first company to bring its IQOS device for heating tobacco onto the market. They are currently in the third version of the IQOS, IQOS 3 DUO, and today we present you the news.     IQOS 3 DUO: Two uses The main difference between the IQOS 3 DUOContinue reading

PMI Science laboratory

It is estimated that in 2025 there will be between 1,000 and 1,100 million tobacco smokers in the world and for this reason the well-known Philip Morris brand has developed the PMI Science project, which consists of creating a catalogue of reduced risk products (RRP) with the aim of promoting a smoke-free future. To this end, the New York-based tobacco company has invested more than 6 billion Dollars annually in smoke-free researchContinue reading

Today vaporize is almost as common as traditional tobacco. Many people have switched to electronic cigarettes and are going the usual way. But do we really know the world of vaping? Today we are going to know two of the best-selling brands: Juul and MyBlu. A few months ago we were talking about the expected arrival of Juul in Spain. Today it is already a consolidated brand in this country and oneContinue reading

After a long period of time in which the arrival of this new brand of electronic cigarettes to Spain was presaged, we can already say that we have it close at hand. This product, which born in Sillicon Valley, has become the latest trend in the United States, due, among many other things that we will now discuss, to its elaborate design and in the figure of pendrive reminiscent of the AppleContinue reading

Vaping VS Heating

Bit by bit new alternatives to traditional tobacco are coming onto the market and today we want to make a comparison between the two main options: electronic cigarettes for vaping and devices for heating tobacco such as IQOS. The main differences between an electronic cigarette and a device for heating tobacco have to do with how they work and with the product that is “smoked”. Functioning: E-CIGS: they have a tank thatContinue reading

MyBlu, cigarrillo electrónico

MYblu is an extremely easy-to-use electronic cigarette with e-capsules to simply click on, exchanging flavors in a single gesture. With a battery that lasts all day and is charged in 20 minutes. It also allows you to use while charging. Its design is quite simple and discreet; with rectangular shape and rounded edges. A size of 18 mm wide by 106 mm long and only weighs 22 grams. It is manufactured withContinue reading

Cigarrillos electrónicos

In recent weeks we have received new electronic cigarettes in our store, so you can choose according to your tastes or needs. Choose your favourite one! e-Go Electronic Cigarettes They are smaller and lighter. Ideal to take anywhere. They are the preferred option for new electronic cigarette smokers since they are cheap and are a good option for a first contact with electronic cigarettes. The batteries are of less duration, but allContinue reading

Types of electronic ciarettes

For some years the term “electronic cigarette” has been heard increasingly and we want to explain what it isand the types of electronic cigarettes. Definition An electronic cigarette is a vaporizer which it is intended to simulate the sensation of smoking. This device contains a battery that heats a resistance. This resistance make the liquid containing evaporate. This vapor is inhaled by using an electronic cigarette. In our post “Parts of an electronic cigarette” youContinue reading

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