E-cigarette and liquid

Refillable electronic cigarettes are those which incorporate a liquid compartment that can be refilled. Those that dont incorporate a compartment (most of them look like a traditional cigarettes) are cartridge electronic cigarette. The compartment that is refilled with liquid may have several names depending on the manufacturer: clearomiser, vaporizer, cartomizer, atomizer. We are going to call it atomizer from now on. Inside the tank is a cylinder, this cylinder contains a coilContinue reading

Parts of an electronic cigarette

If you already are an experienced “vaper”, probably you know which are the parts of an electric cigarette. But if you are new on this issue and you would like to learn a bit more about it, this post is for you. An e-cigarette has four main parts: The mouthpiece: is the part that allows to inhale the steam. The atomizer: is the piece that we fill with e-liquid. Inside it, it’s placedContinue reading

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