Last Wednesday, July 10th, the Eurotabaco team had the opportunity to attend a training and tasting of the Chaos products. The event took place at La Marina Restaurant in Benidorm, where our staff tasted the different flavors of shisha tobacco from the Chaos brand. In this way the whole group was able to discover some of the most peculiar flavors of premium tobacco for hookah and now we can advise you onContinue reading

How to roll a cigarette in three steps

If you have recently changed to rolling tobacco and rolling your own cigarettes gives you a head ache or if you’re mulling over the option but think you won’t be very good at hand rolling, we explain how the rolling machines work. They are a very easy to use and do not occupy much space. What do I need? To roll your own cigarettes you will need a rolling machine. You canContinue reading

How to charge your Zippo

If the flame of your Zippo has decreased in size or doesn’t even light, you probably need to fill it up. Something very important to keep in mind is that you must fill it with a product specifically for lighters. For example this gasoline for Zippo’s (benzine). Do not use any liquid because it could be dangerous. Step 1 Open the Zippo and pull on the portion of the wick to removeContinue reading

Parts of a shisha

One of the must-have of the summer are water pipes. You can enjoy a waterpipe with your favorite tobacco almost anywhere, on the terraces of caferterias and clubs or at home of its many fans. And if you’ve always seen it but you’ve never tried it because you think it is very complicated, we´re here to explain how they work. It is much easier than it looks. Parts of a water pipe TheContinue reading


Tubbed cigarettes, an alternative to the classic cigarette has gained quite a bit of popularity in the recent years. In specialized shops you can find both tubbing machines as well as the tubes to fill. When filling the tubes with the machine (either manually or automatically) the appearance is that of a normal cigarette but it can work out lower in price. How do I get it? The first thing you haveContinue reading

Semiautomatic rolling machine

There are different types of rolling machines on the market. One of the most used for its convenience and the ability to save tabacco, papers and filters, is the semi-automatic rolling machine. How to roll a cigarette in two steps To roll a cigarette with a semiautomatic machine is very simple. Perhaps at the beginning it will cost you to find the perfect technique, but with a little practice you will findContinue reading

Cambiar la piedra de un Clipper

We all love the Clipper lighters because they are durable, resistant and can be refilled. They are more than a common lighter. In addition there are many designs that make it a collectible. One feature of the Clipper is that when the flint is worn, it does not become one more useless lighter, you can easily change it and it continues to work perfectly! The three steps 1) Pull the metal wheelContinue reading

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