Calendar with the next changes about tobacco selling

A few months ago we told you about the change in the packaging of tobacco in Spain and in almost all the tobacconists are already sold packs with this generic packaging. But the New Tobacco Products Directive doesn’t stay there. We give you all dates and details on this guideline, although the exact dates can finally change. Since May 2016 As we already announced, since 26th May 2016, tobacco packaging was changedContinue reading

New packaging of some brands

A few weeks ago we informed you about the directive 2014/40/UE that regulate the appearance of tobacco packages. At the moment the government has not yet defined how these regulations will be implemented in Spain, but tobacco manufacturers have already been put to work. Since May 20 this year, no longer can be manufactured packs or other containers with the characteristics of those who saw so far. Whereupon, manufacturers have begun toContinue reading

Smuggling tobacco

The Union of Associations of Tobacconists of Spain with Philip Morris Spain have launched a new campaign to curb consumption of smuggling tobacco. What is smuggling tobacco? The smuggling tobacco is all tobacco that is purchased outside of legal channels. It may have the seal of the Government, if it has been purchased in a legal channel but then somebody resells them, or maybe not, this would be the tobacco entering theContinue reading

Sample of the new neutral packaging

If you are someone that doesn’t miss any news about tobacco, you are probably aware of the controversial question of generic packaging that sparked a few years ago. If you do not know what it is, dont worry we´re here to explain. What is it? Generic packaging for tobacco is a measure already taken by governments of some countries and affects the design of cigarette and tabacco packs in its various forms:Continue reading

Say no to contraband

Among the reasons that can lead a consumer to buy contraband tobacco, the main and most decisive one is because of the price. Its usually much cheaper than what you can buy at a tobacco shop. Some consumers of contraband tabacco, think that buying contraband cigarettes that all they are doing is saving on taxes and that this “does not hurt anyone.” However, there are many reasons why we should not encourageContinue reading

Spanish Law for Tobacco

In Eurotabaco we want to keep you informed about the places where you can and cant  smoke in accordance with Spanish law to help to avoid any uncomfortable situations just because you didnt know . In general you can only smoke in places or spaces where its not banned. Where is smoking banned? Let’s try to summarize the list: Public or private work centres (except in open spaces) Units of Public AdministrationContinue reading

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