Alternatives to menthol tobacco

Did you smoke menthol tobacco and now you don’t know what to smoke? Since the sale of menthol tobacco was banned in Europe in May this year, many smokers have been left without their preferred tobacco option. But all is not lost, there are still alternatives to menthol tobacco so you can continue to enjoy the flavour you like the most.     Menthol tubes and filters (and other flavours) One optionContinue reading

IQOS Phillip Morris device

For some years now we have been seeing an evolution in the way of smoking. From the traditional cigarettes we see that there are more and more habitual or occasional smokers of other modalities. Today we are going to make a review. Rolling tobacco During the years of crisis and with the rise in the price of tobacco, many smokers switched to rolling tobacco. The main reason? It is cheaper than cigarettes.Continue reading

New shishas, bongs, water pipes

One of the things that we like in the summer is to enjoy the sunset in a chill out terrace with a shisha and good friends. So we have added a few new features to our section of Shishas and bongs: Glass bongs and mini glass bongs, boost waterpipes, with or without LED lighting. Check out our catalog and choose the one you like the most . Remember that orders over € 30 haveContinue reading

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