Today vaporize is almost as common as traditional tobacco. Many people have switched to electronic cigarettes and are going the usual way. But do we really know the world of vaping? Today we are going to know two of the best-selling brands: Juul and MyBlu. A few months ago we were talking about the expected arrival of Juul in Spain. Today it is already a consolidated brand in this country and oneContinue reading

After a long period of time in which the arrival of this new brand of electronic cigarettes to Spain was presaged, we can already say that we have it close at hand. This product, which born in Sillicon Valley, has become the latest trend in the United States, due, among many other things that we will now discuss, to its elaborate design and in the figure of pendrive reminiscent of the AppleContinue reading

Silver Cig

The electronic cigarette in the tobacconists has opened the door to new brands and devices, including Silver Cig, which has a wide range of vapers, as well as E-liquids. You can find them in our range of electronic cigarettes adapted to all types of consumption, from beginner to experienced. For an optimal experience and greater performance of the vaporizers, Silver Cig offers a wide range of E-liquids in two different ranges: 70/30Continue reading

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