Rolling paper

Today we are going to talk about the different types of rolling paper for smoking tobacco that exist and some of the favorite brands of consumers. First of all, we want to make it clear that there is no one perfect or suitable type of paper, but that each type is adapted to individual preferences and needs, whether by the thickness of the paper, the material or the taste. Two of theContinue reading

A few months ago the brand Smoking rolling paper organized a contest to renew its image. The finality of the contest was to choose the best new design of their Mr. Smoking. The brand was born in the decade of the 20’s to replace “El Pino” which was the first name given to rolling papers produced by the brothers Miquel y Costas. Since then the brand has grown increasing the production, strengtheningContinue reading

Smoking Brown rolling paper

There are increasingly smokers committed to the environment and they look for products with less chemicals and more natural products. If you are one of these smokers, we suggest you try the range of Smoking Brown. Smoking Brown is an unbleached paper. However, unlike other similar products on the market, Smoking Brown is a very thin paper. To give you an idea, its thickness is 13.5 g/m2. The thinnest paper is 12.5 g/m2Continue reading

New arrivals June 2016

This week we have received two new features to the section “Cigarette papers“. The thinnest paper One of our new features is nothing less than the thinnest rolling papers, Rizla Micron, an ultra-thin paper (the thinnest according to experts rollers) that provides a drag with a very intense flavor as the paper component is minimum. It is recommended for experienced smokers, the paper is so thin that it is difficult to use for unexperiencedContinue reading

OCB prganic hemp rolling paper

The search for a more natural life style is becoming more fashionable. From organic food to clothing made with organic tissues, more and more products that don’t have the presence of chemicals and come from sustainable production are being demanded. If you are one of those concerned about the environment and you have proposed to reduce your ecological footprint, we have the perfect rolling paper for you: OCB organic hemp paper. 100%Continue reading

Rolling paper sizes

King Size , 1 ¼ , Regular, Master ¼, King Size Slim … Probably some of these sizes will be familiar , however you could tell which one is longer and narrower than the other? If the answer is yes great! Consider yourself an expert. If the answer is no, this post will be perfect for you. Note that each size may vary depending on the brand and manufacture, this is onlyContinue reading

OCB rolling paper comparison

In we have available different types of rolling papers of the brand OCB: the Premium range, the hemp bio range and X-Pert range. Range OCB hemp BIO It is a paper of pure organic hemp, unbleached and 100% natural rubber. The package is made from recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. It is ideal for those seeking an experience 100% natural. We have a 1¼ booklet containing 50 sheets ofContinue reading

Rizla rolling paper sizes

In we have available 5 varieties of Rizla: Blue, green, red, silver and liquorice. Which one should choose and why not the other? Want to know how are they different? Don’t worry we are going to explain it to you. Quantity Most Rizla cigarette paper booklets contain 50 sheets. However, some of them like Rizla Silver King Size Slim contains 32 sheets. Thickness / Combustion The thickness and combustion are twoContinue reading

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