Hookah and shisha tobacco

For several years now the shisha has become a common element in bars and places of leisure in Spain, where the fashion of smoking cachimba tobacco is reflected both in the terraces of the local leisure as in the sales data of major brands. Today we will tell you which shisha tobacco brands are most in demand in Spain. First of all, the famous Al-Fakher, born in the United Arab Emirates andContinue reading

Cazoleta Atlas Bowl

Atlas Bowl is the shisha head of Taboo, www.tabooshisha.es, that bets on a very curious design inspired by the Greek titan Atlas.     Carefully handmade with black clay to guarantee a greater heat management. The manufacturing process is totally craft and the materials are of a high quality. The main reason for choosing this type of clay is its high tolerance to heat, a very useful quality when consuming tobacco that doesContinue reading


The four new flavours of Taboo, premium tobacco for shisha, are already available at our tobacconists. Those new ones are added to its wide range with a total of 23 different flavors in cans of 50 and 200 grams. The four new flavours are: French Kiss, Hakuna Matata, Moonwalk and Mystic China. On this occasion, the combinations are recommended for smokers looking for refreshing or sweet type to taste as dessert. FrenchContinue reading

Acrylic shishas

Smoking shishas is very trendy and it’s easy to find a cafe, pub or discos where you can enjoy the most exotic flavours. It’s also a common article in meetings with friends, BBQ’s and pool parties. If you are a beginner, maybe you don’t want to spend a lot of money on your first shisha or you are afraid of those crystal and fragile parts. That’s why today we present a cheapContinue reading

Taboo flavours

A few weeks ago a new premium tobacco brand for shisha arrived to our tobacconists: Taboo. Today we tell you a little more about these products in case you dare to try them. What is Taboo? Taboo is a new brand of premium tobacco for shisha manufactured in Europe. According to the website of the brand itself: “is a perfect blend between the highest quality of tobacco and colorless molasses, which revealsContinue reading

Woman smoking a shisha

Waterpipe, hookah, narghile, shisha, … There are many names by which it is known this instrument used to smoke tobacco or other plants with a system consisting of making the smoke pass through a container with water. Its origin is difficult to establish and is impossible to determine which was the first hookah in the history. There are texts from the Sixteenth Century that refer to the use of this invention inContinue reading

Parts of a shisha

One of the must-have of the summer are water pipes. You can enjoy a waterpipe with your favorite tobacco almost anywhere, on the terraces of caferterias and clubs or at home of its many fans. And if you’ve always seen it but you’ve never tried it because you think it is very complicated, we´re here to explain how they work. It is much easier than it looks. Parts of a water pipe TheContinue reading

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