Rolling paper

Today we are going to talk about the different types of rolling paper for smoking tobacco that exist and some of the favorite brands of consumers. First of all, we want to make it clear that there is no one perfect or suitable type of paper, but that each type is adapted to individual preferences and needs, whether by the thickness of the paper, the material or the taste. Two of theContinue reading

Hookah and shisha tobacco

For several years now the shisha has become a common element in bars and places of leisure in Spain, where the fashion of smoking cachimba tobacco is reflected both in the terraces of the local leisure as in the sales data of major brands. Today we will tell you which shisha tobacco brands are most in demand in Spain. First of all, the famous Al-Fakher, born in the United Arab Emirates andContinue reading

A few months ago the brand Smoking rolling paper organized a contest to renew its image. The finality of the contest was to choose the best new design of their Mr. Smoking. The brand was born in the decade of the 20’s to replace “El Pino” which was the first name given to rolling papers produced by the brothers Miquel y Costas. Since then the brand has grown increasing the production, strengtheningContinue reading

E-cigarette and liquid

Refillable electronic cigarettes are those which incorporate a liquid compartment that can be refilled. Those that dont incorporate a compartment (most of them look like a traditional cigarettes) are cartridge electronic cigarette. The compartment that is refilled with liquid may have several names depending on the manufacturer: clearomiser, vaporizer, cartomizer, atomizer. We are going to call it atomizer from now on. Inside the tank is a cylinder, this cylinder contains a coilContinue reading

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