Cazoleta Atlas Bowl

Atlas Bowl is the shisha head of Taboo,, that bets on a very curious design inspired by the Greek titan Atlas.     Carefully handmade with black clay to guarantee a greater heat management. The manufacturing process is totally craft and the materials are of a high quality. The main reason for choosing this type of clay is its high tolerance to heat, a very useful quality when consuming tobacco that doesContinue reading

Taboo flavours

A few weeks ago a new premium tobacco brand for shisha arrived to our tobacconists: Taboo. Today we tell you a little more about these products in case you dare to try them. What is Taboo? Taboo is a new brand of premium tobacco for shisha manufactured in Europe. According to the website of the brand itself: “is a perfect blend between the highest quality of tobacco and colorless molasses, which revealsContinue reading

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