We all love the Clipper lighters because they are durable, resistant and can be refilled. They are more than a common lighter. In addition there are many designs that make it a collectible.
One feature of the Clipper is that when the flint is worn, it does not become one more useless lighter, you can easily change it and it continues to work perfectly!

The three steps

Changing the flint in a Clipper lighter

Changing the flint in a Clipper lighter

1) Pull the metal wheel outwards to get to the system. The Clipper flint is inside the tube.

2) Unscrew the base of the tube carefully, inside the tube there is a spring that can be ejected without realizing it. It might be easier with a coin or a screwdriver. Extract the spring and remove the worn flint.

3) Take the new flint, put it into the tube, introduce the spring and twist. Put the system back within the lighter and presto! Lighter like new.

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