In specialized magazines or in your own local tobacconist, you may find notes on cigar tasting. Want to know how to interpret them? Here are some clues.

Understaniding a tasting note

Understaniding a tasting note


This usually indicates the length, diameter and weight, you may also see number of the ring size. This is a standard way to measure a cigar by its thickness, you may also see a band identified. The band is a name that is given to the cigar due to its format (length, thickness and diameter).


Sometimes it just indicates the type of tobacco used but it is also frequent to see it broken down by: Filler, binder and wrapper. The filler is inside of the cigar formed by one or more types of leaves. The binder is the first sheet that surrounds the filler and the wrapper is the visible sheet of the outside of the cigar.

Before lighting

It is common to see the aroma, the color and the taste of the cigar before lighting up, the findings may vary depending on whether the cigar is lit up or not.

The smoke

The smoking of a cigar is evaluated according to the part being smoked: one third, two thirds and the third part as the flavors can vary depending on the temperature and the smoke that has gone through it.

Smoking time

Knowing how much time it takes to smoke a cigar is important information for those wanting to fully enjoy smoking their cigar.


Indicate the color density of the ash. The ideal is that the ash keeps the same shape of the cigar.


The drag offers the idea on how the puffs are of each cigar, the density of the smoke and whether it has a strong or lighter puff.


The combustion of a cigar indicates as well as the speed if the cigar is homogeneous or irregular. A good combustion must be consistent throughout the circumference of the cigar.

With this information we hope you find it easier to understand the Tasting Notes of cigars. And if you have any doubt, we’re here to help.

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