Burley tobacco is the second most consumed after Virginia tobacco. Countries where it is grown are mainly USA, Brazil, Malawi and Argentina but it is also cultivated at a lesser extent in Mozambique, India and Italy.

Burley tobacco - Drying process

Burley tobacco – Drying process

The Burley tobacco plant is not very high. At a time that the flower begins to bloom the stem is cut to prevent it to continue to grow any higher and to control the shoot growth. In this way it ensures that the leaves are richer and grow big.

When harvest time comes, the plants are hung in barns to be air dried for about eight weeks. Once dry, the color of the leaves is brownish.

Burley tobacco brings is a mix of flavours pure and strong, but is not very aromatic.

In the American Blend, Burley tobacco represents between 20% and 30%, while the Virginia tobacco is usually a 70% and the Oriental tobacco is usually between 5% and 10%.

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