Spanish Law for Tobacco

Spanish Law for Tobacco

In Eurotabaco we want to keep you informed about the places where you can and cant  smoke in accordance with Spanish law to help to avoid any uncomfortable situations just because you didnt know .

In general you can only smoke in places or spaces where its not banned. Where is smoking banned? Let’s try to summarize the list:

  • Public or private work centres (except in open spaces)
  • Units of Public Administration
  • Health centers and outdoor spaces that are within its precincts
  • Schools except in open spaces of the centers exclusively dedicated to adult education
  • Sports Facilities provided they are not outdoors
  • Zones intended to direct attention to the public
  • Shopping centers, department stores, galleries and entertainment centers (except in open spaces)
  • Cultural centers, museums, libraries, conference rooms, cinemas, theaters and them similar
  • Dance or game halls (except outdoor spaces)
  • Establishments where food is prepared, to sell and to taste
  • Elevators
  • Telephone boxes and ATMs
  • Bus stations (except outdoor spaces) and public transport
  • All spaces of suburban transport (except outdoor spaces)
  • Railway stations, ports and other means of rail and maritime transport (except outdoor spaces)
  • Airports and airplanes departing from or arriving in Spain or Spanish companies
  • Petrol stations and similar
  • Hotels and them similar (except outdoor spaces)
  • Catering establishments, bars and restaurants that are in closed areas
  • Enclosures of playgrounds and play areas whether outdoors or not
  • Any other place where the owner chooses it to be a no smoking area
  • All indoor public areas or for collective useIf you have any questions, please consult the BOE where the law of tabacco of December 31, 2010 is shown here: -20138.pdf

Or you can send us your questions, we will be happy to help you.

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