Say no to contraband

Say no to contraband

Among the reasons that can lead a consumer to buy contraband tobacco, the main and most decisive one is because of the price. Its usually much cheaper than what you can buy at a tobacco shop.

Some consumers of contraband tabacco, think that buying contraband cigarettes that all they are doing is saving on taxes and that this “does not hurt anyone.”

However, there are many reasons why we should not encourage the purchase of contraband tabacco. In Eurotabaco we like to remind you of what it means to buy this type of tabacco.

The tabacco has not passed any quality controls

On many occasions, when buying tabacco from other countries, its a product that has not passed the supervision of the European Union. There for we do not know its composition and whether it can contain unknown toxic agents not permitted under EU rules.

Contraband feeds the mafia

In most cases, tabacco traficking is planned and carried out by gangs and as well as traficking tabacco they are also engaged in other activities such as trafficking in drugs, weapons, people, etc and when you buy this type of tabacco it represents one more way to help fund them to continue their ilegal activities.

Minors can easily buy

The only places where you can buy tabacco legally in Spain are authorized tobacconists and vending machines. In these outlets, the sale of tabacco is prohibited to minors. However  at unauthorized points of sale, there is no regulation at all and very often minors use these type of channels to buy tabacco.

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