One of the must-have of the summer are water pipes. You can enjoy a waterpipe with your favorite tobacco almost anywhere, on the terraces of caferterias and clubs or at home of its many fans. And if you’ve always seen it but you’ve never tried it because you think it is very complicated, we´re here to explain how they work. It is much easier than it looks.

Parts of a shisha

Parts of a shisha

Parts of a water pipe

The first thing to know is what is what. All water pipes have at least these parts:
– Base glass (or another material)
– Body
– Ashtray
– Ceramic head
– Hose
– Hose Connector
– Valve
– Tweezers

To put together your water pipe you should place the body on the base and the ceramic head above it. With some water pipes you have to unscrew the body to position the ashtray and in others its already fixed.
The hose is placed on the connector and the valve can be adjusted to allow more or less smoke in each puff. If the water pipe has more connectors you may use several hoses.

Water, coal and tabacco

For a water pipe to work it must be filled with water in the base. The tobacco is placed in the ceramic head and above this must be placed a grid. Some people use a piece of aluminum foil with small holes made. It is not as effective but is very handy if you have no grids at home.

Finally, a lit coal is placed on top of the grid. This will burn slowly and evenly so that the pipe can smoke for a shorter or longer depending on the size of the pipe and coal we have used.

Types of tobaccos and coals

On the market is a variety of tabacco for water pipes of different flavors: apple, strawberry, melon, mint, blackberry, apricot, … when opening your packet of tabacco and you found it pretty wet and a little sticky, do not be surprised , it’s normal.

Besides the tabacco,the is various types of coal. They mainly  differ in size (larger pipe needs a larger coal), although there are also flavors. So, if you use unscented tabacco, you can also flavor it with coal.


In our online store you can find the parts you need for your water pipe. And if you need any parts that you dont see on the website, please contact us, maybe we can get it for you.

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