To say that the Zippo lighter is the most famous in the world is not an exaggeration. There are major collectors of these lighters, but even non smokers have Zippos simply because it is a product almost a culture.

Zippo lighters

Zippo lighters

The first Zippo

The first Zippo lighter was born in 1932. The founder of the brand, George G. Blaisdell decided to perfect a model of Austrian lighter that was very flamboyant.
Then he created the system filled by a flammable liquid that fitted in a metal case with a cover attached by a hinge. He kept the chimney-shaped design of the Austrian lighter so that it could even light in the wind. He created a small and manageable model liked by many smokers of the time. He was so confident in the reliability of his lighters that if they broke he would fix them for free.

The American icon

When the United States sent soldiers to fight on European soil during the Second World War, many of them carried a Zippo lighter. Soon it became common image of these lighters and became a symbol of the American lifestyle and victory.
In the following decades, during the 50s and 60s there was a boom thanks to the emergence of these lighters in Hollywood films and photographs of celebrities using their Zippo. Then the desire to get and collect them spread throughout the world.

The Zippo today

Currently the Zippo remains a desired object and purchased almost anywhere in the world. Currently, the brand has renewed its models offering designs for all tastes that have attracted the attention of classic buyers and even the young and the modern. The company can confirm that in recent years Zippo sales have grown internationally thanks to its designs and its customizable features which have reached a younger audience between 18 and 34, in addition to its regular older customers.

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