If you are travelling to Benidorm and you want to buy tobacco here, at Eurotabaco you’ll find a wide range of tobacco marks. We have the british and spanish most popular marks.

Tobacco prices in Spain

Tobacco prices in Spain

Tobacco price list

On our website you can check the tobacco price list of the 100 most sold marks. You can check the price in Euros (this is the official one) and the price in Pounds (to calculate this price we get the rate of the day). So you can have an idea of the real cost of your tobacco.

Moreover, you can compare the prices of tobacco in Spain with the prices of the same marks in the United Kingdom. This way you will be able to check how much money you save.

Reservation of tobacco

Even if you are going to buy a small or big amount of tobacco, you can arrange a reservation to be collected in one of our Eurotabaco shops. Choose the tobacco, choose the quantity and we will keep the tobacco for you.

How much can I bring?

One of the most asked questions is the amount of tobacco that british citizens are allowed to bring back to the UK. By now, what HM Custom says is that you can still buy the amount of tobacco you want to take it to the UK but only for your own consumption. Although there is no limit for your own use, you may be questioned if you take back more than:

800 cigarrettes

200 cigars

400 cigarrillos

1 kg tobacco

Even after the Brexit?

Yes, by now nothing changed. So you can still take the amount that you want for your own consumption. If this changes, we will let you know!

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