If you are someone that doesn’t miss any news about tobacco, you are probably aware of the controversial question of generic packaging that sparked a few years ago. If you do not know what it is, dont worry we´re here to explain.

Sample of the new neutral packaging

Sample of the new neutral packaging. Red parts will be the health warnings.

What is it?

Generic packaging for tobacco is a measure already taken by governments of some countries and affects the design of cigarette and tabacco packs in its various forms: packs, cartons, tobacco pouches, tubs,…

With this measure the surface of the packages will be designed to increase health warnings, 65% on the front and back and 50% on the sides.

In 2014 an 2014/40/EU European directive was approved, which regulates among other things, the packaging of the products. This regulation also provides that the packages include a identifier to facilitate traceability. This way we will know where each pack comes, when it was produced, etc.

When does it arrive in Spain?

For this legislation to be carried out in Spain it must be ready before May 20th of this year. Then we will know exactly how and when it will be applied in the country.

Spain will not be the first, as there are many other countries that already use plain packaging. The pioneer was Australia where since 2012 uses a neutral packaging for its tobacco. In the European Union there are several countries that will soon be adopting these measures (Ireland, UK and France).

We´ll wait a few days to discover what will happen in our country and we’ll let you know on our blog.

See you soon!

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