This week we have received two new features to the section “Cigarette papers“.

New arrivals June 2016

New arrivals June 2016

The thinnest paper

One of our new features is nothing less than the thinnest rolling papers, Rizla Micron, an ultra-thin paper (the thinnest according to experts rollers) that provides a drag with a very intense flavor as the paper component is minimum. It is recommended for experienced smokers, the paper is so thin that it is difficult to use for unexperienced smokers.

It is available in loose booklets of 50 papers or in boxes of 50 booklets so that you can choose your preferred option. The size is short: 69 x 36 mm. Why not try the experience with minimal paper? Don’t hesitate and add it to your shopping cart.

A classic version in liquorice

For those who want to try a different smoking experiences we have Smoking Liquorice. This paper provides a sweet flavor similar to liquorice when smoked. It is a medium weight paper which makes it easy to use by smokers who are used to rolling and also for those who are learning. In addition it can be used in any type of rolling machine.

It is available in booklets of 50 papers or in boxes of 50 booklets and size is short: 69 x 37 mm. If you like trying new flavours, don’t hesitate to add a booklet of Smoking Liquorice paper to your shopping cart.

If you want to see the full range of rolling papers we have in, visit our section: Cigarette papers.

See you soon!

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