Bit by bit new alternatives to traditional tobacco are coming onto the market and today we want to make a comparison between the two main options: electronic cigarettes for vaping and devices for heating tobacco such as IQOS.

Vaping VS Heating

The main differences between an electronic cigarette and a device for heating tobacco have to do with how they work and with the product that is “smoked”.


  • E-CIGS: they have a tank that is filled (although there are non-refillable versions) and a resistance that heats the liquid to produce steam.
  • IQOS: warms a cigarette similar to traditional cigarettes and warming produces an aerosol.


  • E-CIGS: uses e-liquids. There are many brands in the market with a wide range of flavours ranging from traditional tobacco to exotic fruits and there are no nicotine versions or liquids with different levels of nicotine.
  • IQOS: uses special, shorter cigarettes made with a special chopped tobacco to be heated. There are three different varieties of cigarettes (Amber, Yellow, Turquoise y Sienna) all them with nicotine.


  • E-CIGS: The integrated battery is charged by a USB charger. The charging time depends on the device, but it is usually at least 15 minutes.
  • IQOS: The integrated battery is charged by a pocket charger in 6 minutes. The pocket charger can charge the IQOS up to 20 times. Then you have to charge the pocket charger with USB for about 90 minutes.


  • E-CIGS: usually produce a high amount of steam, so there are people who need to get used to vaping, which is different from smoking. The cloud of “smoke” is very colorful. They produce a slight smell of the taste of the liquid that is being used.
  • IQOS: produce a minimum amount of smoke that goes unnoticed and barely has an odor. The experience of smoking heated tobacco is very similar to traditional tobacco.


  • E-CIGS: to clean them you have to remove them (if they are removable) wash them with water and dry them well.
  • IQOS: the pocket charger automatically cleans the resistance, but also includes a very simple cleaning kit for periodic cleaning of the device.


  • E-CIGS: the price of electronic cigarettes ranges from 20 Euros for the most basic versions to around 100 Euros. The prices of liquids are usually about 4-6 Euros.
  • IQOS: the price of the kit with the IQOS device and the pocket charger is about 100 Euros. There are two types of packages, of 10 units and of 20. The price of the package of 10 is 2.50 Euros and that of 20 is a little less than 5 Euros.

We hope we have helped you differentiate a little more between these two types of devices so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes. And, if you have any questions, contact us and we will try to resolve it as soon as possible.

See you soon!

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