King Size , 1 ¼ , Regular, Master ¼, King Size Slim … Probably some of these sizes will be familiar , however you could tell which one is longer and narrower than the other?

If the answer is yes great! Consider yourself an expert. If the answer is no, this post will be perfect for you. Note that each size may vary depending on the brand and manufacture, this is only a guide.

Rolling paper sizes

Rolling paper sizes


Usually 70x34mm. It is the most common and easiest size to find. It is the smallest of cigarette papers.

1 ¼

It’s called this because it fits a little more (1/4) tobacco than regular paper. The measurement is usually 78x44mm.

Master ¼

This size is a little longer than 1 ¼ size and can even a little more tobacco than the previous size. The measurement is usually 78x44mm.

King Size

The King Size paper is bigger than normal. Its measurement is 110x55mm.

King Size Slim

This paper is ideal for those who want a longer cigarette, but also finer or less rolling cigarette paper. The measurement is usually 110x44mm.

Master King Size Slim

This paper combines the length of a King Size with the width of a Master. The result is a paper about 110x36mm.

The shorter and wider measures (such as the 1 ¼) are easier for those beginning in the art of hand rolling. And the longer and narrower are suitable for more experienced rollers.

If you are looking for rolling papers for a rolling machine, you will have to look out that the measurements (width) are compatible. Don’t worry, there are machines for all sizes.

We hope that this post will be useful when choosing your rolling paper. And if you need to buy your favorite paper, visit our section of cigarette papers.

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