Rolling tobacco types

Rolling tobacco types

Depending on your system for rolling you must buy one type of tobacco or another. There are several types of rolling tobacco with different characteristics: Extra expanded, expanded, hybrid and rolling tobacco.

Extra expanded and expanded are tobaccos are produced by applying different temperatures to the mixture. It is a lighter tobacco and occupies more space. Combustion is faster, there is a less intense flavor and less tobacco is needed to fill a cigarette. The strands are short and wide, plus the humidity level is lower, so it is ideal for use with tubes and a tubing machine.

The strands of the hybrid tobacco are shorter and thinner and the humidity level is intermediate so that you can use in both tubes or rolling machines.

Rolling tobacco has longer and finer threads. It is used for rolling by hand or in rolling machines or semi-automatic rolling boxes. The moisture level is higher than the above types which makes it unfit for use with tubes.

If you have any doubt about which machine you should buy for the type of tobacco, why not ask us; we will be happy to help.

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