For some years the term “electronic cigarette” has been heard increasingly and we want to explain what it isand the types of electronic cigarettes.

Types of electronic ciarettes

Types of electronic ciarettes


An electronic cigarette is a vaporizer which it is intended to simulate the sensation of smoking. This device contains a battery that heats a resistance. This resistance make the liquid containing evaporate. This vapor is inhaled by using an electronic cigarette. In our post “Parts of an electronic cigarette” you will see the parts of one of the electronic cigarette models most sold today.

Types of electronic cigarettes

In the market you will find two types of Electronic Cigarettes:

– Refillable electronic cigarettes
– Cartridge electronic cigarette

Refillable electronic cigarettes

The appearance of this type of cigarette is totally different from traditional cigarettes. The main feature is that they have a removable reservoir can be refilled as many times as you like. They can be filled with any e-liquid. They come with or without nicotine, many flavors, etc. One disadvantage of this type of cigarette could be the size or aspect.

Cartridge electronic cigarette 

This type of cigarette often mimic a traditional cigarette. When the liquid inside is finished, you must discard the cartridge and use a new one. By not having to fill, some people prefer it because they think it’s a cleaner system. Normally each brand has its own model and can only use the brand itself. This is the feature that users tend to unlike. However, it is more discreet in size and appearance.

And you, what kind of electronic cigarette you prefer?

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