The Union of Associations of Tobacconists of Spain with Philip Morris Spain have launched a new campaign to curb consumption of smuggling tobacco.

Smuggling tobacco

Smuggling tobacco

What is smuggling tobacco?

The smuggling tobacco is all tobacco that is purchased outside of legal channels. It may have the seal of the Government, if it has been purchased in a legal channel but then somebody resells them, or maybe not, this would be the tobacco entering the country through illegal channels.

What are the legal sales channels?

The main and most easily recognizable are the tobacconists. There the price is cheaper than other channels where it costs 15 cents more.

There are other establishments where tobacco is sold officially as are bars, restaurants, nightclubs, kiosks, press shops and other establishments. Of course, if the sale is made through vending machines.

Why do not I smoke smuggling tobacco?

In our post “Say no to contraband cigarettes” we told you some reasons why you should not smoke this type of tobacco.

  • It hasn’t quality control, nor tobacco, or components or additives, or the environment in which they are manufactured.
  • It finances criminal groups by selling tobacco and also engage in trafficking of drugs, arms and people, among other activities.
  • It is accessible to minors. There is no control of any kind and anyone can buy it. So tobacco consumption among teenagers is encouraged.

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