The search for a more natural life style is becoming more fashionable. From organic food to clothing made with organic tissues, more and more products that don’t have the presence of chemicals and come from sustainable production are being demanded.

If you are one of those concerned about the environment and you have proposed to reduce your ecological footprint, we have the perfect rolling paper for you: OCB organic hemp paper.

OCB prganic hemp rolling paper

OCB prganic hemp rolling paper

100% natural experience

Organic OCB paper is a 100% natural as both the paper, such as the glue and container are produced respecting the environment.

The paper is made entirely from hemp produced in organic crops in which no chemical pesticides are used. Furthermore, no chlorines or other bleaches are used. So the paper is brown. Yet still a fine and slow burning paper.

The glue strip is composed of 100% vegetable arabic gum which is natural and obtained from the resin of certain types of trees. There is also no chemicals in its composition.

Finally, the paper booklet is made of recycled paper and printed with vegetable inks. These inks are made from vegetable oils, solvent and wastes are biodegradable.

As you can see, the paper OCB Organic is the ideal choice if you care about the planet and the chemicals in the products we consume every day.

In Eurotabaco you can buy your OCB organic paper loose or by boxes at a promotional price.

Also, if you want to complete the organic experience, we recommend you add to your order Tar Grad Bio filters.

Until next time!

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