A few months ago we told you about the change in the packaging of tobacco in Spain and in almost all the tobacconists are already sold packs with this generic packaging. But the New Tobacco Products Directive doesn’t stay there. We give you all dates and details on this guideline, although the exact dates can finally change.

Calendar with the next changes about tobacco selling

Next changes according to the New Rukes – Infographic from: www.tutabacodesiempre.com

Since May 2016

As we already announced, since 26th May 2016, tobacco packaging was changed to increase the space dedicated to health warnings. Cigarettes and flavor-pricking tobacco (but mentholates) or with additives (vitamins, caffeine, etc.) are no longer sold.

20th May 2017

Tobacco packages with the packaging prior to May 2016 will no longer be able to be sold.

20th May 2019

A traceability system will be integrated in cigarette packs and rolling tobacco to be able to know where it has passed from its manufacture to the sale in the tobacconist. In addition, visible and invisible security measures will be incorporated to avoid the manipulation of tobacco after its manufacture.

20th May 2020

If you smoke mentholated tobacco this date interests you, since from 2020 you will not be able to buy mentholated tobacco.

20th May 2024

The system of traceability and safety of tobacco packets will be incorporated into the other products: pipe tobacco, cigars, cigarillos and shisha tobacco.

As you see the changes are already scheduled and in Eurotabaco we will continue to inform you of everything that happens with regard to tobacco regulations.

If you want to expand the information, we recommend the website Tu tabaco de siempre (in Spanish), where you will find all the information about these changes.

See you soon!

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