After a long period of time in which the arrival of this new brand of electronic cigarettes to Spain was presaged, we can already say that we have it close at hand. This product, which born in Sillicon Valley, has become the latest trend in the United States, due, among many other things that we will now discuss, to its elaborate design and in the figure of pendrive reminiscent of the Apple products. In fact, Adam Bowen, creator of Juul with James Monsees, worked for a year for the brand of the bitten apple.

Juul Characteristics

The new ways of smoking that we talked about in one of our previous posts, are breaking into the market with increasing force, what inspire to the brands to innovate in the creation of new products. It is precisely what has happened with Juul electronic cigarettes, a cigar that is charged in less than 30 minutes by means of a USB power supply.

Some of its characteristics are that the vapor does not generate almost smoke, since it does not work by combustion. In addition, it practically leaves no odor, despite the different flavors of Vanilla, Mango, Mint, Apple and even its Tobacco Rubio flavor, reminiscent of the taste of traditional tobacco. These capsules can be changed without needing to finish each one, which allows you to vape with each flavor whenever you feel like it.

Different JUULpod flavours

How it is sold

The most common selling mode is the Starter Kit, which contains a JUUL device, a package with 4 JUULpods of the flavor you want and a USB charger. In addition, packages of 2 and 4 JUULpods of flavors are also sold, with which you can exchange your capsules when you need it. These capsules contain 20 mg/ml of nicotine (1.7%). You can find all these products in our tobacco shops at Juan Fuster, Mediterráneo and in our temporary shop Severo Ochoa.

Juul Starter Kit

How to use it

You must unclog the nozzle at the top end of the device and insert the capsule. The device has a small window that will allow you to see the amount of liquid inside the JUULpod. It also has a LED indicator that will be lit green when the battery is between 50% and 100%, in yellow when it is between 25% and 50% and in red when it is below 25%. The lower end is where you must enter the magnetic base of the USB.

Solution of possible problems

Juul devices, like any electronic item, can have problems when loading or vaporizing caused by reasons both internal and external to the product. The good thing is that the Juul device has light codes to warn the consumer of the problem. Here we will tell you some of the most common and the fastest way to solve them.

First, when the LED indicator flashes 5 times in yellow when the JUULpod is inserted, it may be an internal error of the capsule or device. To solve this problem you can place another capsule and if still the problem persists, the only solution is to change the device, which has a 2 year warranty.

Another common problem is that the LED light does not light up when charging. This may be due to the power supply itself or to the remains of dirt. To try to solve this, you should try another USB power supply or clean the bottom of the device with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

If you need help to solve this type of problem, Juul puts at your disposal this phone number: (+) 34 900 984 551, or if you prefer you can also go to the following link, where you can solve your questions online:


*Remember that smoking seriously harms your health

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